At my office, people are bringing in food galore almost EVERY DAMN DAY.

And not the kind of food that’s Whole30 friendly by ANY means. We’re talking chocolate cake, cookies, donuts, kolaches, pizza, breakfast tacos, ALL the good gooooooooood stuff.

In fact, I won’t lie, today was supposed to be Day 1 for me.

Everything was going well. I prepped last night, drank my last few glasses of wine for awhile (not forever, duh), while starting Making a Murderer on Netflix (which by the way, everyone is so right about this show– seriously addicting!).

Had eggs & bacon for breakfast, homemade plantains and sweet potato fries, and chicken breast and green beans for lunch — which, let’s be real, isn’t really all that bad. THEN IT HAPPENED. Then I ate the chocolate cake. Damn our employees for having birthdays, right?! The good thing about this is that when things like this happen and we give into cravings, you realize that it truly is an addiction, a truly persistent craving. Do I WANT to deprive myself of the good things in life, like chocolate and wine and bread and cheese? Hell no. Absolutely positively not. But, it needs to be done. I want to prove to myself that I do have willpower, I do want to feel healthier and have more energy and all of those great things that you just can’t feel when you eat total crap. This is only for 30 days, not for an eternity.

So there ya go, day 1..not so good. To be continued.



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